‘Sesame Street Live!’ coming to UBS Arena in May

Sesame Street
Sesame Street Live will be coming to UBS Arena May 14 and 15. (Photo courtesy of Feld Entertainment Global Public Relations)

UBS Arena in Belmont will play host to “Sesame Street Live! Let’s Party!” on May 14 and 15. The event will feature many of the long-running show’s popular characters, including Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Oscar the Grouch, Rosita and more.

Kids and parents are encouraged to be on their feet dancing and singing along to the songs performed throughout the show. In addition to dancing with Elmo and singing classics like “I Love Trash” and “C is for Cookie” with Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster, attendees will get to explore a winter wonderland with Abby Cadabby, learn about Big Bird’s feathered friends and discover new cultures via an interactive Spanish lesson with Rosita.

According to Juanita Olivo, who plays the emcee Casey in the show, there will be a lot of interactivity between the characters and audience. Kids will get to play games with Big Bird and learn about cooperation by sharing cookies with Cookie Monster.

“The show is teaching us how to interact and be safe within our community,” Olivo said. “It’ll be very therapeutic to get out there and see the kids’ faces light up at the sight of the Sesame Street residents.”

Associate director and choreographer Melena Rounis is very happy to have the show play after the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down across the country. She feels the show could help the children who attend it become brighter, smarter and kinder.

“The key message of the show is community,” Rounis said. “Children will discover that individuality is what makes a community. That should actually speak to all ages.”