Tuesday Morning Music Club to hold free concert in May

Tuesday Morning Music Club
Tuesday Morning Music Club pianist Aglaia Savalas Messina. Photo source: Tuesday Morning Music Club.

The Tuesday Morning Music Club of Douglaston will perform its last classical music concert of the 2021-22 season at the Community Church of Douglaston on Tuesday, May 24. The concert will be free for attendees.

Violinist Hiroko Nakahara and pianist Aglaia Savalas Messina will be performing the music of Gabriel Fauré. Messina will also join clarinetist Gene Keyes in performing the music of Victor Babin, Carlos Guastavino and Paul Reade. Pianist Jeong-Hwa Park will perform the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Since its founding in 1921, the Tuesday Morning Music Club of Douglaston has been performing music for the community. Additionally, the club provides scholarship assistance to select student musicians.