Councilman fighting to bring Maspeth street light back to life

Maspeth street light
Photo via Google Maps

After Maspeth residents expressed safety concerns about the street light on Andrews Avenue being out, local Councilman Robert Holden is now working to help correct the issue. The response comes after several constituents reached out to his office about the issue in recent days.

According to a spokesperson from Holden’s office, the council member has been working with the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) and Con Edison to address the problem. Additionally, according to someone with the DOT, the area will be surveyed in case any other issues are discovered.

“Con Ed has a work order put in for [the light] and they need to go out and fix it,” a spokesperson for Holden said. “Our office is staying on top of it. These things tend to take some time, but we are trying to expedite it. The councilman is concerned about the safety of that street at night.”

The street light on Andrews Avenue has been out for several months. Since it went out, the only source of light on the street at night has come from the Metropolitan Oval Soccer Field. However, the field’s lights are only on when events take place there, so the street can be pitch black on certain nights.

According to Maspeth resident Charlene Stubbs, there was a point in time in which the entire light pole was missing, with just the base being there. She said she has reported the issue with the light to Community Board 5 and her elected officials on multiple occasions. Additionally, she noted a similar problem in front of Grimaldi’s Bakery on Menahan Street.

“When Metropolitan Oval Soccer Field does not have its lights on, the bridge there is pitch dark,” Stubbs said. “I reported it to 311, my elected officials and Community Board 5 numerous times. I walked my neighbor home that way and I had to use the flashlight on my phone to guide us.”

Before reaching out to the Department of Transportation, Community Board 5 District Manager Gary Giordano noted that the cause for the light being out could possibly be due to an electrical problem. He said electrical issues are typically to blame when lights remain broken for a long time, even after complaints are made.