Queens Botanical Garden celebrates ninth annual ‘Taiwan: A World of Orchids’ exhibit

2022.08.11 Orchid Show Press Conference
Representatives of the Queens Botanical Garden and the the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York (TECO-NY) announce the ninth annual ‘Taiwan: A World of Orchids’ exhibit on Thursday, Aug. 11. (Photo courtesy of QBG)

The Queens Botanical Garden (QBG) is celebrating its ninth annual ‘Taiwan: A World of Orchids’ exhibit that will be on display from Friday, Aug. 12, through Sunday, Aug. 14. 

The garden was joined by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York on Thursday, Aug. 11, to present the exhibit featuring 750 pots of stunning orchids.

“This is my ninth year welcoming everyone to Taiwan: A World of Orchids!” said Pauline Huang, QBG ambassador, president and marketing director at United Custom Service, Inc. “We thank all our partners and supporters for helping to bring the beauty of orchids to Queens Botanical Garden for all to experience.”

 The star of the exhibit is the Phalaenopsis (“fail-eh-NOP-sis”) or Moth orchid, native to Taiwan and Southeast Asia, presented in a lush variety of colors and sizes. 

“The orchid’s rich hues remind us to live in style, while its underlying beauty reminds us to enjoy the little things in life. We hope this exhibition evokes cherished memories for members of the Taiwanese community, and we are excited for New Yorkers to catch a glimpse of our beautiful country,” said James K.J. Lee, ambassador and director-general, TECO-NY.

The displays are paired with artwork from the following emerging artists and curators: Rae (Hsin) Chen, Pin Hsin Chu, Siddhi Daga, Emily Hsu, Wilfred Hu, Chin Yin Katz, Madelyn Kellum, Chia Hsuan Kuo, Teresa Lin, Ray (Tsung-Jui) Tsou, Julie Tu, Wan Yun Tung, and Amanda Tin Hsuan Wang.

Visitors will also enjoy many cultural demonstrations and performances taking place throughout the weekend:

Chinese calligraphy, jelly/3D flower art, Taiwanese puppet workshop, diabolo yo-yo tricks, storytelling of Hsi-yu chi “Monkey King: Journey to the West” by Wu Ch’eng-en (c.1506-1580), tea ceremony by A Lovely Day NYC, and jazz performances. There will also be orchid crafts, orchid care demonstrations, an orchid sale, a Beer & Wine Garden, and local vendors. 

The schedule varies and is subject to change. For more information about the exhibit: visit www.queensbotanical.org/orchids.