Year in Review: Top stories from April 2022

affair indicted
Police escort David Bonola, who has been charged in the murder of Forest Hills mom Orsolya Gaal. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)

As we look forward to 2023, QNS is looking back at the top stories throughout 2022.

Below are the top stories from the month of April, which include the horrific murder and investigation into the death of a 51-year-old Forest Hills mother that shocked the community and the popular Queens Night Market event at Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Police charge Queens man in murder of Forest Hills’ Orsolya Gaal 

Forest Park
Police set up outside 72-24 Juno St., where Orsolya Gaal was believed to have been murdered. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)

Police arrested David Bonola, 44, of Richmond Hill in April for the gruesome murder of 51-year-old Forest Hills resident Orsolya Gaal. 

Bonola was charged with homicide, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon. Gaal’s body was discovered in a duffel bag at the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and the Jackie Robinson Parkway near Forest Park. Police believe Gaal was killed in her home at 72-24 Juno St. before Bonola dragged her body in the duffel bag to the location where the body was discovered, according to law enforcement sources. Reports indicated that Gaal was stabbed at least 60 times. A medical examiner had determined the cause of death as sharp force injuries to Gaal’s neck. At the time, was unclear whether or not Gaal, a married mother of two children, knew Bonola and how he gained entry to the residence. 

Handyman allegedly had two-year affair with Forest Hills’ Orsolya Gaal before murdering her: NYPD 

South Richmond Hill man pleads guilty
Detectives lead David Bonola out of the 112th Precinct in Forest Hills after he admitted he killed a mother of two last spring. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)

As the investigation continued into the tragic death of Orsolya Gaal, authorities had announced that Gaal was involved in an on-again, off-again affair with Bonola, who worked as a handyman for the family. It was reported that Gaal had called off the relationship earlier in April. Police believe Gaal arrived home after a night out at around 12:10 a.m. on April 16 before Bonola came over around 12:30 a.m. Police said the pair then got into a heated argument in the basement before Bonola allegedly stabbed and killed her.

Bonola was then caught on nearby security cameras dragging the duffel bag in the early hours of the morning, according to police. 

Afterwards, Bonola went to a nearby hospital for a cut on his hand. He had also stated that he and Gaal argued and he allegedly confessed to stabbing her and moving her body. Police recovered a knife found in the basement, which is believed to be the murder weapon, according to authorities. Gaal’s body was discovered a little after 8 a.m. on April 16. 

Queens Night Market returns with preview event 

Although regulatory guidance is being updated frequently, the Queens Night Market expects to start its season operating at a reduced capacity in accordance with the state’s most recent advisory for open-air markets in June. (Photo by Sarah Choi)

The popular Queens Night Market at Flushing Meadows Corona Park returned in April showcasing two sneak preview events ahead of its seventh season. 

This year, the Queens Night Market pledged at least 20% of net ticket proceeds to charity and took suggestions for causes that are important to New Yorkers. One suggestion was the tragic conflict in Ukraine, and a portion of the funds were allocated to that cause. 

The event included children’s games, live music and entertainment, food from various vendors, and art and merchandise. Over its first six seasons, the Queens Night Market welcomed nearly 2 million visitors, helped launch approximately 350 brand-new businesses in New York and represented over 90 countries through its vendors and their food.

The event averaged over 15,000 attendees each Saturday night in 2021. 

Forest Hills’ Orsolya Gall has neighbors on edge seeking security 

Officers at the scene of Orsolya Gaal’s home at 72-24 Juno St., where police believe she was killed, based on a blood trail to the crime scene. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)

After the horrific discovery of Orsolya Gaal’s body, neighbors had expressed concerns regarding safety and security at Forest Park. 

Residents said the park could benefit from more park security, lights and security cameras that could help the area. Others expressed fear of walking the trails and emphasized the importance of caution for those who wish to go to the park, especially at night. 

Another resident noted that people have dumped all kinds of things in the park’s wooded area, including whole cars. Some residents had stated that emergency phone stations would benefit the park, while others said they will continue to walk along the park three or four times a week.