Flushing Tangram’s new Food Hall brings a world of flavors to one destination

Flushing Tangram opened its long-anticipated Food Hall on Jan. 12, featuring specially selected vendors of international cuisine. (Photo courtesy of Tangram)

Tangram, a mixed-use development providing entertainment, shopping and dining in the heart of downtown Flushing, opened its long-anticipated Food Hall on Jan. 12, featuring specially selected vendors of international cuisine. 

The Food Hall includes CoocooCachoo, Cruncheese, I’Milky, Joju, Na Tart, Qing Shu and Soft Swerve. Adding to the eclectic mix of restaurants and cafes at the mixed-use development, the Food Hall brings an energizing day or night setting to Tangram with a neon-punk take on open-air markets seen throughout Asia. 

The 24,000-square-foot food hall provides guests with a tour of the best bites from regions across the globe — with a heavy Asian influence – all in one destination for food fans near and far. Additional vendors, including Da Wei Mei Shi, Café Maiko, Sing Choi Kee and ZaabZaab, will be opening their doors later in 2023.

Courtesy of Tangram

Tangram’s Food Hall offers sweet and savory food and beverage options for every walk of life. Foodies can take a bite of the signature chicken sandwiches at CooCooCachoo or the modern Vietnamese sandwiches at Joju, cater to their sweet tooth at Soft Swerve with some ube purple yam soft serve in a waffle cone or a matcha latte float at Café Maiko.

For those heading to Tangram for the Instagrammable moment, Korean hot dogs at Cruncheese, squid ink lobster rolls at Sing Choi Kee and bubble teas with 100% natural ingredients and hand-picked tea leaves at I’Milky are just a few of the favorites that have already gone viral. Adding to these options, the Food Hall brings global cuisine right to Tangram with dim sum dishes at Da Wei Mei Shi, spicy hot pot at Qing Shu, Thai street food at Zaab Zaab and Portuguese egg tarts at Na Tart.

Helen Lee, executive vice president of F&T Group, said for over the past two years, Tangram has established itself as the leading foodie destination in Flushing. 

“We have had the opportunity to introduce culinary sensations from all over the world to New York City. These new spots for food fans everywhere are fitting not only for Tangram, but our community,” Lee said. “Queens is one of the most culturally diverse places in the United States and gaining momentum as a must visit stop for all traveling to New York City. With the introduction of the Food Hall, Tangram provides a global culinary experience for visitors all within arms’ reach.”

Designed by BHDM Design, the food hall is specifically inspired by the energetic activity, look and feel of markets in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei. 

During the day, textural organic elements including reclaimed cedar columns with metal cuffs, concrete floors, exposed ceilings and textured metal details are all met with natural light from the south-facing windows. Come night, the space is illuminated with kinetic lights, gobo textures, vendor displays and signage, TVs, and neon ceiling signs found in the night markets of the most exciting culinary destination on the planet, in Asia and beyond. 

The Food Hall is a mix of perimeter and center island vendors, each one including signage unique to each dining destination. Anchoring the end of the Food Hall is Hoi Polloi, Flushing’s first beer hall which will serve as additional Food Hall seating during the day before transforming to host live music, events and a globally inspired food, beer and cocktail menu in the evening.

Courtesy of Tangram

The Food Hall is the newest culinary addition to Tangram’s robust cultural and culinary experiences, which include international eateries such as, Beijing-based Peking duck restaurant Ju Qi (open with a late-night menu until 5 a.m.), Xi’an Famous Foods, Shoo Loong Kan Hot Pot (also open late), beverages from Cuppa Tea, machi machi, hoi polloi (Flushing’s first beer hall), and many more delicious dining options. To learn more about what’s in store at Tangram and for updates on the food hall, visit tangramnyc.com.