Two Asian-inspired eateries to join Tangram development in Downtown Flushing

Photos courtesy of Ju Qi

Two international food brands will set up shop in a new mixed-use development in Downtown Flushing.

Ju Qi, a restaurant specializing in authentic Beijing cuisine, and Meet Fresh, a Taiwan-based dessert bar, will open in the Tangram development. Both establishments signed a 10-year lease with Tangram and plan to open in 2020.

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Ju Qi and Meet Fresh are the latest restaurants to commit to space at Tangram,” said Helen Lee, executive vice president of F&T Group, which is developing Tangram with SCG America. “Flushing is the go-to destination for international culinary brands looking to make their mark in the United States and we are proud that they are flocking to Tangram to be a part of the exciting new culinary and lifestyle destination we are creating.”

With 20 locations in China and one in Sydney, Australia, Ju Qi celebrates old Beijing-style cuisine through unique dishes and an immersive dining experience. Their signature dishes include a mashed potato dish shaped like Lord Rabbit — an important symbol of Beijing culture — special fried rice presented in the shape of a traditional honeycomb briquette, Peking duck — fresh duck roasted with fresh fruit and barbecue lamb — and Sanbuzhan, a hot egg pudding favored by the fourth emperor of the Qing dynasty.

The Ju Qi space at Tangram will be decorated to replicate the grand courtyard in Beijing, with details inspired by brick and old stone walls.

“Ju Qi is writing the new chapter of Beijing’s rich culinary history and we are thrilled to continue that story with a new restaurant in Flushing,” said Rex Yang, general manager of Ju Qi. “As our United States flagship, Ju Qi at Tangram brings a superior dining experience that will attract foodies from all over New York City and make them feel like they are in Beijing.”

Following the opening of their East Village location, the Tangram location will be Meet Fresh’s second New York location. With over 1,000 stores across Asia, New Zealand and Australia, Meet Fresh’s menu offers taro balls, herbal grass jelly, mochi, mango shaved ice, boba tofu pudding, green tea with whipped cream and hot almond soup, all made with fresh, natural ingredients. 

“Our first location in Manhattan’s East Village was a huge success, and it made perfect sense for us to expand into Flushing,” said Vicky Chen, owner of Meet Fresh stores in New York. “Tangram is becoming the new social hub in Flushing, and we are excited to be a part of that.”

For more information, visit www.tangramnyc.com.