Glendale Property Owner Association introduces new leadership, board members

Photo courtesy of Addabbo’s office

Several new members were sworn into their posts at the Glendale Property Owner Association’s first meeting of the year held Jan. 19 at Brewery Keenan Heiser American Legion Post.

The new members include Chris Kurre (secretary), Michelle Lopez (membership coordinator), Howard Jaeger (vice president), Mike Miller (president), Tony Hund (board member) and Clara Sarrocco (treasurer).

“I think we have a great board of directors set up,” Miller said. “People that have had ties to the community for a long time. And, most of the leadership, you know, have been previous board members. I think we have a good grasp on the community and what’s needed and we’re moving forward.”

According to Miller, who represented District 38 in the state Assembly before losing the 2020 Democratic primary to Jenifer Rajkumar, last month’s meeting was the third the group has hosted since having to shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Miller said the association is back to meeting monthly now.

“COVID closed us down for a couple of years, but we’re just getting it restarted again,” Miller said. “The main focus is to preserve and protect the quality of life in Glendale, our community.”

Miller also said that it was important for the group to resume operations. 

“There are issues that are going on in the community and Glendale needs to have a voice,” Miller said. “That’s why we put everything together again, and we’re starting up again because we need people to know that they have somewhere to come to express their views on what’s happening in the community.”

Senator Joe Addabbo Jr. attended the meeting to swear in the new members. 

“I am grateful for the members of the board and President Mike Miller for taking up the responsibility of reviving the Glendale Property Owners Association because civic groups like this one advocate for the things their community needs,” Addabbo said. “And by partnering with their local elected officials on all levels of government, we can work together to address the issues and create brighter days for all Glendale residents.”

They hope more property owners in Glendale get involved in discussing ongoing issues in the community.

“The bigger we get, the more people we have looking out for the quality of life in Glendale,” Miller said.

Any property owner living in Glendale is free to attend these meetings. The group will meet every third Thursday of the month.