Made in Eatalia: Glendale market offers a taste of Italy with authentic Italian products


When it comes to bringing a taste of Italy to Glendale, no one has knocked it out of the park quite like Made in Eatalia.

Located at 66-54 Myrtle Ave. in Glendale, Made in Eatalia has a variety of different items for sale, all imported from Italy.

Shelves of imported goods at Made in Eatalia (Photo by Elijah Hamilton)

The business was started in 2019 as an online store, but friends and owners Enzo Piccirillo and Gioseppie Scicolione realized they wanted to open an in-person location. Three years later, they opened their first retail shop in Glendale.

Piccirillo said that Glendale’s high Italian population is what inspired them to open the store.

“I came in this neighborhood nine years ago,” Piccirillo told QNS. “We saw so many people walking by speaking Italian. And there are so many Italian things around here.”

Piccirillo said business has been good since the store opened.

“People really like the store because it’s something new,” Piccirillo said. “People are always asking about new products. They are always curious.”

The shop has been open for over three months. It features a wide array of imported Italian delicacies, including bottled water and snacks such as Italian chocolate. Additionally, the store also sells Italian brand cleaning supplies.

Shelves of imported goods at Made in Eatalia (Photo by Elijah Hamilton)

The store also has a deli where shoppers can purchase a variety of Italian sandwiches.

Piccorillo told QNS the sandwiches are among the most sought-after items at the store, especially their porchetta sandwich.

Residents looking to get their hands on some of the authentic Italian goods can stop by the store from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Friday.

You can also visit the store on social media, on TikTok, and on Instagram @MadeinEatalia.