‘It breaks my heart’: Owner of Irish pub in Maspeth forced to sell after 35 years

Glenpatrick Pub owner Phil Hickey stands outside his pub in Maspeth. (Photo by Elijah Hamilton)

After 35 long years of ownership, Glenpatrick’s Pub owner Phil Hickey is being forced to sell his bar due to a lack of business.

According to Hickey, his Irish pub, located at 53-73 65th Place in Maspeth, took a massive hit during the pandemic and has failed to recover.

“It was a great neighborhood; we took off. We had a great livelihood and everything was great here but COVID killed us,” Hickey told QNS.

Hickey inherited the pub from his parents, Bill and Mora Hickey, who bought it back in October 1988. Since then, he has been able to turn it into a flourishing business, bringing residents from the neighborhood together.

“I’ve made thousands of friends. People have met each other and got married [after meeting here]. It’s just devastating to know that after so many years, you gotta walk away,” Hickey said. “It breaks my heart that I’m gonna have to sell my parents’ legacy.”

Hickey said he feels people aren’t going out anymore, which is also why business has been down for his pub. He also noted that he had tried several things to improve business, including theme nights.

“I’m just realizing now that it’s time to go. I’ve tried everything to keep the place alive,” Hickey said.

An employee at the pub told QNS she had an incredible time working with Hickey over the years.

“I had a wonderful experience here,” the employee said. “We’re all very upset about it. This is a true loss of the neighborhood. There’s never going to be another place like this.”

Hickey has stated that he doesn’t have any buyers lined up to take over his business at this time, but he’s hopeful a potential buyer can continue to carry on the legacy his parents left behind.

“I’m hoping that I can find somebody that would like to continue this, maybe add some new blood,”Hickey said. “Hopefully some miracle happens.”