Applebee’s at Bay Terrace Shopping Center closing after 27 years

Photo by Ethan Marshall

The Applebee’s at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center will soon be closing its doors for good after 27 years. The restaurant had allegedly failed to pay rent over the last two years, leading to its closure.

According to Cord Meyer Development Company, which owns the Bay Terrace Shopping Center, Apple Metro had not paid more than $1.2 million in back rent. Apple Metro had been operating the restaurant for the past 22 years. Despite the timeline of the absence of payments coming during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cord Meyer Development said it made concessions to properties like the Applebee’s during that time.

“Cord Meyer has gone to great lengths to accommodate Apple Metro over the course of the lease, including granting rent reductions and rent abatements throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” Cord Meyer Development said in a statement. “Cord Meyer has worked tirelessly to come to a mutually satisfactory agreement with Apple Metro but there has been no willingness to compromise on their part and thus, no resolution. Cord Meyer was left with no choice but to bring the matter to the Queens County Civil Court and pursue eviction of Apple Metro for unpaid rent.”

The Queens County Civil Court ruled in Cord Meyer’s favor last January.

“We look forward to welcoming new tenants to the shopping center as we enhance and reposition the Bay Terrace to provide the best experience for our patrons and our community,” Cord Meyer Development said.

The manager of the Applebee’s at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center declined comment on the matter on Friday.

Many members of the community were sad to see a longtime staple go away. Even those who weren’t necessarily fans of the food said they would miss it.

“It’s not like I go there often nowadays, but I got some memories there,” Bayside resident Thomas King said. “I wonder what’s going in its place?”

According to a representative from Cord Meyer, Applebee’s informed them they intend to move out either Monday or Tuesday. The space is currently being marketed on the Bay Terrace website.

Photo by the Bay Terrace Shopping Center/Cord Meyer Development Company

“Anchor building for lease,” the website says. “Perfect for fitness use. Extensive shopping center renovations planned.”

While it’s unknown what kind of business will end up taking over the space, the website’s comment has led some community members to suspect that it will become a gym or fitness center. Some have expressed a desire to see that happen, while others would like to see another restaurant there, either a local one or a chain.

Cord Meyer said there are no agreements for a replacement at this time.