Glendale property owners hear from Forest Park administrator, Senator Addabbo and Queens DA candidate

Glendale meeting
Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. speaks with the Glendale Property Owners Association during its final meeting before the summer break.
Photo by Anthony Medina

Membership of the Glendale Property Owners Association ended their final meeting before their summer break with a wealth of information sharing on Thursday, June 15. 

Inside the Brewery Kennan Heiser Post, on 68-01 Cooper Ave., in Glendale, the group welcomed Portia Cook-Dyrenforth, the New York City Parks Department Forest Park and Highland Park administrator. 

“We’re going to have $3.5 million worth of new, very desperately needed, path-work in Forest Park, mostly in the vicinity around the Bandshell, and around going down to Dry Harbor to Myrtle.” 

Dyrenforth shared her thanks with Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar and the former assembly member for their help to obtain the funds. She also mentioned more work expected to continue throughout the park, especially at the Myrtle Avenue entrance of Forest Park. 

A few community members raised questions on the appearance of spotted lantern fly nymphs and some sightings of residents feeding strays behind the Bandshell in Forest Park. Dyrenforth confirmed that the invasive species tend to infiltrate trees that aren’t common in the park, but the frequency of park rangers also helps to alleviate any lasting concerns about lantern flies. 

Those who witness any wrongful and illegal activity in the park are encouraged to contact the authorities and call the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation office.  

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. also appeared at the GPOA meeting and reiterated his statements made in the Community Board 5 meeting on Wednesday, June 14.

“My point there was, the legal ones are being certainly victimized by the illegal shops, and I voted no on legalized marijuana, we weren’t not ready. And I still don’t think we are ready. Because how can you issue legal licenses for pot shops, when you have a problem with the illegal ones? You can’t go legal until you clear up the illegal ones,” said Addabbo. 

He again encouraged residents to reach out to his office with any related complaints or concerns. Addabbo continues to work with police to close illegal smoke shops. 

Uncovered and exposed waste brought by rail line freight was another set of information hammered throughout the meeting, in recognition of a bill that will require rail companies to cover the waste, which could be seen at the New York and Atlantic Railway, near 68-01 Otto Road. 

Michael V. Nelson, the Republican-Conservative candidate in the race for Queens district attorney, also had the chance to introduce himself to Glendale residents. President of GPOA Mike Miller says he tries to keep politics away from the group, but he’s more than welcome to having candidates introduce themselves to local residents. 

The next Glendale property owners meeting will take place on Thursday, Sept. 21.