Victoria’s Secrets: A spectacular week!

Even my son Josh joined the fun!

With camp finished and sports practice and college essays a week away, I was delighted to have my family visiting with me and then have the great opportunity to meet with the governor. It doesn’t get better than that!

For several summers, I have rented a boat and a captain to take the kids tubing out of Hampton Bays. Everyone was excited to go again and, boy, was it fun!

Making waves!

With the waters sparkling from the sun and the waves tossing us around, I loved the squeals of joy/fear as each grandchild squeezed their hands as tight as they could to stay on the raft as it sped through waves and the swirling boat’s “self-made waves.” All I could do was cheer them on as they laughed and laughed and laughed, circling and making our way through Shinnecock Bay.

The sun was out, but when 11-year-old Hudson came off the raft, it was a great excuse to wrap him in my arms to warm him up and help him stop his chattering teeth and shaking body. It worked! Best of all, I got extended time to hug him — a great luxury!

Sloane & her friend Mackenzie at her favorite store in Westhampton Beach

What a way to start the weekend after a delicious dinner Friday night together at one of my favorite restaurants, Salt & Loft in Westhampton Beach.

On Sunday morning, I snuck out of the house quietly — everyone was still fast asleep — and went on my way to meet Governor Kathy Hochul, who was speaking at The Hampton Synagogue.

Rabbi Marc & Governor Hochul
Westhampton Beach Mayor, Maria Moore, Rabbi Marc Schneier & Governor Hochul

Under a packed tent of parishioners and neighbors, Rabbi Marc Schneier brilliantly welcomed our governor back, returning after visiting a year ago. The questions ranged from real estate taxes, to concerns regarding safety on the streets, to addressing antisemitism. She didn’t back away from any question!

Chatting with Governor Hochul and Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright

Her understanding of the issues discussed impressed everyone in the outdoor tented space. Even diehard Republicans appreciated her directness and are now considering voting for her in the next election.

The governor with Carol Levin, president of The Hampton Synagogue
Rabbi Marc & Simi Schneier with the governor & Ari Ackerman

Hochul spoke about an issue of concern to everyone: migrants flooding into New York and not being able to work. The best takeaway from the governor was her message to President Biden: “LET THEM WORK!” We need to send that message to the president! Let your voice be heard!

Gary Krupnick & Governor Hochul at Le Bilboquet

I was off to see the governor again at Le Bilboquet on Sag Harbor’s waterfront, seeing many old and new friends. See more photos at Dan’sPapers.com!