Cambria Heights Library gets $2.8 million for crucial resilience upgrades

Cambria Heights
Queens Public Library president and CEO Dennis Walcott accepts a symbolic check for $2.8 million secured by Councilwoman Nantasha Williams for vital resilience upgrades at the Cambria Heights Library.
Courtesy of QPL

As Climate Week NYC got underway, Councilwoman Nantasha Williams presented a check for $2.8 million in funding to Queens Public Library to support vital resilience upgrades at the Cambria Heights Library on Monday, Sept. 19. The resilience upgrades are designed to enhance the library’s ability to withstand and recover from adverse events and to ensure that it remains a valuable hub for education, information and community engagement.

The basement of the library currently faces groundwater penetration amongst other resiliency needs in the ever present threat of climate change that constantly tests our infrastructure.

Williams took the opportunity to acknowledge the collaborative spirit of the Cambria Heights community and emphasized the importance of coming together as neighbors to address the challenges of climate change that face the neighborhood, reinforcing the belief that unity and resilience are the cornerstones of any thriving community.

Courtesy of Williams’ office

“Today marks a milestone in our commitment to strengthening the fabric of our community,” Williams said. “This $2.8 million investment in the Cambria Heights Library will not only enhance its environmental resilience to withstand future challenges by climate change and groundwater flooding, but also improve its overall functionality, making it an even more valuable resource for our residents. As a local homeowner, I know this library stands as an anchor for the Cambria Heights area and we will continue to invest in its longevity.”

She added that the investment was made possible thanks to the close support of Speaker Adrienne Adams, who partnered with her to secure the City Council funding.

Queens Public Library president and CEO Dennis Walcott accepted the symbolic check and announced that the resilience upgrade project at the Cambria Heights Library would take shape in the coming months, starting with the basement of the library.

Courtesy of Williams’ office

“Council member Williams’ substantial investment in making sure this building is watertight shows considerable foresight as climate change continues to generate more storms, rain and flooding,” Walcott said.

Adams said she was happy to partner with Williams to secure the funding for the library’s resiliency upgrades.

“Libraries are vital community resource and information hubs that are critical to residents of all ages,” said Adams. “It is critical that we prioritize funding to safeguard and improve critical infrastructure in our communities.”

Williams expressed her gratitude to the residents of Cambria Heights for their ongoing support and involvement, noting that it is their collective determination that makes such transformative initiatives possible.

Members of the community were on hand for the presentation, including Cambria Heights Civic Association president Bryan Block, Community Youth Care Services program director Cheryl Caddle and the staff of the Cambria Heights Library.