104th Precinct’s 2nd Annual Haunted House event brings evil carnival to Ridgewood

haunted house
Performers as part of the 104th Precinct’s 2nd Annual Haunted House with this year’s theme reflecting an evil carnival.
Photo by Anthony Medina

The 104th Precinct‘s Haunted House returned for a second year in a row at 64-02 Catalpa Ave. in Ridgewood, on Sunday, Oct. 29. 

Despite the rain, the haunted house still managed to open its doors and generate a crowd of eager Halloween adventurers. 

This year’s haunted house, “A Haunted Carn-Evil,” embraced the theme of an evil carnival experience with scary clowns, a morbid fortune teller and a monster-like man-beast kept in a cage. 

Outside of the 104th Precinct, popcorn, cotton candy and cookies from Rudy’s Pastry Shop and candy were made available to residents stopping by for the second annual haunted house event. Photo by Anthony Medina

The haunted house event was expanded this year to have music, games, popcorn and cotton candy made available to eventgoers at the front entrance to the precinct. Candy was also provided to those who managed to come in costume, like Borden McMurray, who was dressed as a headless horseman and accompanied by his father Chris. 

Chris and Borden McMurray at the 104th Precinct Haunted House event. Photo by Anthony Medina

Those who had the chance to enter the haunted house were welcome to a DIY haunted house full of twists and turns. Performers were carefully hidden, ready to jump out and scare passersby. Others were in plain view for anyone with a particular fear of clowns to get a first-hand experience. 

While making their way out of the haunted house, there was still no guarantee one of the evil clowns wouldn’t chase out a brave visitor.  

An evil ticket booth operator warns guests that their trips in the haunted house will not be easy. Photo by Anthony Medina
Painted on the walls were various symbols and shapes with bright vibrant colors of a carnival, but with a dark twist, almost something as seen in a horror movie. Photo by Anthony Medina
Believed by some as just another poor soul lost to the evil that resided in the haunted house, this performer’s placement was made to almost put guests on edge or at ease, all to set up the next surprise to come. Photo by Anthony Medina
Anyone with a fear of clowns would have a hard time going past this performer, stationed almost at the exit of the haunted house. Photo by Anthony Medina

Deputy Inspector Kevin Coleman, the commanding officer of the 104th Precinct, praised the volunteers as part of the precinct and auxiliary, who were able to put together the haunted house this year. He hopes to continue using the event with bigger and better attractions in the years to come.