Flushing is a ‘thriving place to do business’ amid community’s booming growth

Flushing Chinese Business Association Executive Director Peter Tu
File photo

The Flushing Chinese Business Association has been at the heart of the Flushing community for 34 years and continues to support local businesses in the area as the community grows. 

Peter Tu, the association’s executive director who is originally from Taiwan, has emphasized the importance of Flushing being a place where everyone is welcome to do business. 

Speaking about the people in Flushing, Tu said that most people in the area have come from other countries like China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These people are the fabric that make up the community, he said, which makes it a very inviting place for others to come and do business. 

“When people come to Flushing from these countries, they find that the doctor, the supermarket workers, people doing their laundry and shop workers can speak Chinese, so they are already going to feel at home here,” Tu said. “They can survive very well here.”

He said that the reason Flushing is so successful economically can be partially attributed to this reason. 

When asked if he thinks Flushing is a good place to do business, Tu said it depends on what kind of business you have. 

“If you are thinking of coming to Flushing and starting a business, you have to remember that most of the people in downtown Flushing are Asian and you would need to hire some Asian people to work with you and help you speak the same language that most of the customers will have,” Tu said.

He also made it clear that Flushing is a thriving area for anyone to come and set up a business and, with the right tools, there is no reason they can’t succeed. 

“I don’t want people to think that if they are not Asian they cannot come to Flushing and do business,” Tu said. “This is not true and it all depends on how your business understands this area.”

Speaking about the Flushing Chinese Business Association, Tu said that the nonprofit organization hosts cultural events and gives back to the community in many ways.

“The association will help people who are willing to start a business in Flushing in any way we can. We are a nonprofit organization and I work with many people who are not Asian to assist them in working here,” Tu said. “We are also American, and I want everyone to know that Flushing is a thriving place for anyone who wants to do business. It’s all about mutual respect and as long as you have that you can go far.”

For more information about the Flushing Chinese Business Flushing Association and the work they do, visit fcbainc.org.