Op-Ed: Barbarity in 2023

Photo by Dean Moses

Decent folk the world over are reeling from the horrifying and harrowing images coming out of Israel. It is inconceivable to a human mind that this level of depravity could be perpetrated against innocent men, women and children.

One such scene will remain forever seared in the hearts and minds of those who saw the footage. In one community viciously attacked, Kfar Aza, about 40 babies were murdered and some decapitated. Who can begin to fathom the utter savagery and diabolical evil that can lead someone to perpetrate such horror?

One victim who survived the attack in the desert describes hiding in a bush for six hours within feet of the murderers. She spoke of the glee in their eyes as they gang raped and murdered the young people attending the dance.

What is critically important at this time, is that all people of good will stand united in utter and total condemnation of these atrocities. All Americans must stand united with our government in its unequivocal support of Israel. This support must stand strong until this war is over and Hamas is completely dismantled and destroyed. The civilized world united against ISIS and destroyed them; the same must happen with Hamas. They are one and the same.

But there is another war going on. A war that is extremely dangerous: the war of lies.

There is and has been a huge effort to demonize Israel as the aggressor and Hamas and the Palestinian people as the victims. The Palestinian people are indeed victims of their own failed, corrupt and evil leadership. In the annals of human history, there has never been a sovereign nation that has tried so hard to make peace with a deadly enemy.

In 2000, President Bill Clinton, together with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, offered the Palestinian people 98% of their demands in order to create a peaceful resolution. You read that right: 98% of their demands. Arafat unceremoniously rejected the deal out of hand.

The Palestinian leadership, from the get-go, has never had any interest in a peace deal. They simply want Israel destroyed. This can be found in the constitution of Hamas.

This is an organization created for the sole purpose of destroying Israel. Hamas was voted into power in Gaza; clearly they have the people’s support.

Let nobody talk about the suffering of the Palestinian people as some sort of justification for this horror. Their suffering is due to the implacable hatred of Israel and total refusal to come to the table and make a peace deal.

Keep in mind that Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 in order to give the Palestinian people the opportunity to self-govern. From the first moment, Gaza was turned in a base for terrorist activity against Israel.

Where are the hundreds of billions of dollars that were poured into Gaza? Why haven’t the living conditions improved for the Palestinian people? The vast majority of the funds went to line to pockets of the leadership and to procure weapons to fight Israel.

Unfortunately, when lies are repeated again and again, people begin to believe what they are hearing. Especially at this critical time, it is urgent that the American people understand the truth. Equally important to keep in mind is that Israel is fighting the world’s war.

Hamas and the other terror groups have plans to attack innocent civilians around the world as they have already done. Israel must completely uproot, destroy and eradicate the evil that is Hamas.

Let us hope and pray that almighty G-d will protect and preserve Israel and that Israel scores a quick, decisive and total victory over Hamas and all other evil entities intent of bringing destruction to our world.