Santos curses out mayor after claiming his car got broken into 

Former Congressman George Santos posted a tirade against the mayor following an alleged break in to his vehicle.
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Disgraced former congressmember George Santos took to social media Wednesday and blasted Mayor Eric Adams in an expletive filled rant claiming that his car was broken into while parked on a Flushing street Tuesday.

In a two-minute video Santos shared on X on Dec. 27, he blamed the mayor for his car window getting smashed and added that five other cars on the street were also affected. 

“You were a cop right, you piece of s!*t. Is that what you do? Is that how you’re keeping the city safe? F***ing animal,” spewed Santos. “You should f***ing resign.” 

Many were quick to doubt Santos’s depiction of events given his extensive track record of lying. News outlets and an official from Mayor’s office looked into the matter to verify his claims.

Reporters from ABC News visited the site in Flushing and also spoke to a Carvana employee who was there to tow away the car, which had all four windows intact on Thursday morning. They confirmed that Santos purchased the car two weeks ago, but requested to return it. 

Santos did not say why he wanted to return the car, and it’s not clear if the smashed window influenced his decision. 

The mayor’s press secretary, Fabien Levy, replied saying “99% sure you broke into the car yourself…” and later added that the NYPD confirmed to him that the car was a 2018 model as per the police report that Santos filed.  

In his video, Santos showed the white SUV, with the right rear window missing, surrounded by pieces of glass on the ground. He adds, “did i mention it’s a brand new car,” indicating that it was new to him because of the recent purchase.

Levy used the ABC video as evidence to reinforce his claim that Santos lied about the car being broken into. But Santos later claimed that he had the window repaired before he returned the vehicle. 

“Have you ever heard of the junk yard by citi field?” Santos shot back in reference to Willets Point which is home to many auto repair shops.

With Santos facing a 23 count federal indictment made up of fraud and campaign finance charges, several X users pointed out the irony of the situation.

“Breaking News: Robber doesn’t like to get robbed,” replied veteran prosecutor Jack E. Smith, who delivered several indictments against former president Donald Trump as a special counsel.