Sci-fi, horror and fantasy exhibitions to take place at Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

Photo courtesy of the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

A Jamaica-based arts center is hosting two exhibitions that explore the influence of science fiction, fantasy and horror on contemporary art.

The first exhibit, titled “Parables of the Unknown: The art of sci-fi Fantasy and Horror,” features the work of 15 New York based artists and is debuting at the The Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL) at 161-04 Jamaica Ave. this month.

The opening night of the exhibition will take place on Friday, Jan. 19 from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., with the exhibit running until Mar. 1. It will feature paintings, sculptures, videos and comic books to show how artists use popular culture in their work and will be free to attend for its duration.

The event is curated by Zachary Frater, JCAL’s Visual Arts Program Associate, who said that it has been a goal of his to create a project like this for years.

The second event called “JCon” will be taking place at the center on Feb. 3 and Feb. 17, and will also focus on the themes of science-fiction, fantasy, horror and art.

JCon will feature workshops, markets with local artists, artist talks and is free to attend. 

“I hope both the exhibitions [Parables of the Unknown] and JCon will attract audiences young and old and inspire others to put on more pop culture events like this one in Jamaica,” Frater said. 

Leonard Jacobs, executive director of JCAL said that he is happy to be showcasing the work of New York artists and hopes attendees enjoy the events.

“This year, my anime Salvador Dali hat is raised to Zachary Frater [who by day is JCAL’s Program Associate for Visual Arts] as well to JCAL Artistic Director Courtney French and Director of Program Operations Wendy Arimah Berot for creating such a great overall vision for both events,” he said. 

For more information about either event and to RSVP, visit the JCAL website