‘No one’s happy’ Sam Ash Music Store in Forest Hills among 18 to close nationwide

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Sam Ash Music Store on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills is set to close in the near future.
Photo via Google Maps

After more than 40 years in the community, the Sam Ash Music Store in Forest Hills on Queens Boulevard is slated to close soon. 

It is one of 18 stores that will close nationwide, including the Midtown Manhattan store that has been open for over a hundred years. That leaves one store remaining in NYC – the Brooklyn location on Flatbush Avenue in Marine Park. 

“No one’s happy about it, everyone’s gonna miss the store,” Matt, the store’s manager, told QNS. “A lot of customers are sad to see it happen, as are all the people that work here, including myself.”

For Matt, who did not want to share his last name, the Forest Hills store was where he bought his first instrument. It was also the first music store he worked at. He spent the past 12 years working for Sam Ash Music, and the past three years at the Forest Hills location. 

“We’re a niche business,” said Matt, pointing out that the stores are unique for bringing in practicing and aspiring musicians to pick out their instruments in person. 

The 18 stores set to close nationwide, including the Midtown store pictured, are having closing sales to unload their inventory. Photo by Dean Moses

Despite the recently announced closures, more stores are staying open than closing. After the 18 locations shut their doors for g00d, Sam Ash will have 25 remaining stores across the country. The company said that they are shifting their business model around to hopefully stay in business for much longer. 

“For the last 100 years, Sam Ash Music has successfully adapted to meet the challenge of changing business conditions. As we look towards the next 100 years, the company must continue to adapt to ensure its continued success,” read a statement from Sam Ash. “Sam Ash Music remains committed to keeping a strong physical store footprint in the future while we continue growing our successful online sales offerings. As part of this restructuring, the company is closing several stores nationwide. This restructuring is emotionally tough, but we are confident these moves will make Sam Ash Music stronger as we continue serving the music community into the future, as we have for the past 100 years.”

The manager could not officially comment when the Forest Hills store will close their doors for good. But one employee speculated that it’s a matter of weeks. 

In the meantime, they’re looking to blow out all their inventory and are encouraging the locals to take advantage of the deals they have going on. Starting Wednesday, March 12 deals will range from 5% to 40% off new and used instruments, recording equipment and DJ production equipment. 

“No one’s looking forward to this,” added Matt, who’s not sure what’s next for him after the store closes. “But we’re making the best of it and we’re gonna continue to serve our customers as best as we can until the day the door is closed.”