East Elmhurst

Funding public transit is a hot button issue during the NYS election these days.

Good riddance! There are so many good, hard working undocumented people here and these few human disgraces give them all a bad name. If we are to bring others to our side, we have to stop criticizing ICE for deporting thieves, murderers, sex offenders, etc.. Dear ICE: Maybe put some focus on the filthy-looking, "off-road bike, trike, & quad" gangs that terrorize the city doing wheelies, riding thru red lights, aiming for pedestrians, east bound in west bound lanes, etc. every weekend from Springtime til Fall.

Bravo to ICE for apprehending these criminals! Maybe Mr. Tovar would be happy to put these felons up at his own house? Too bad NYPD has given up on arresting these people.

Such everyday bureaucracy by the MTA.

This election year could make or break an incumbent or a candidate, specifically on the issue of mass transit.

When are they gonna spray the Ridgewood areas

WFP=Communism. Go make your own money and stop whining about Trump.

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When is ICE coming to Flushing ? We have houses on Beech Ave with 20-30 illegal immigrants in 1 and 2 family houses, and no taxes being paid for the rental incomes received. Flushing has become a cesspool of vice crimes, and our " quality of life" is non existent.

The weak, short-sighted governor could have extended the subway from Astoria. The train crosses the Grand Central Parkway, it could have provided a one-seat ride to Manhattan, where 70% of passengers go anyway. But big, glitzy and inefficient programs are his hallmark, I'm sure this'll be a billion or two over budget and a couple of years late, but hey, he's a genius!

60 unemployed more than likely single men with too much time on their hands. What could possibly go wrong.

Here’s a video from a Colorado delegate ejected from the process because he supported Trump: https://www.facebook.com/larry.lindseyphd/videos/10206019645066642/ And another video of more Colorado delegates explaining how they were kicked to the curb because they supported Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vcIt9FoiSo

One of the reasons I support both Trump and Sanders is in the hopes that Americans become more privy to the corruption we have. When party activists in Colorado can choose delegates without any input from the voters, and those activists are establishment supporters, there is nothing that will persuade those activists to pick any delegates who support an insurgent candidate. The entire process is designed to stop insurgent candidates (which is what Trump is). Of course, the exploiter-funded pundits who call Trump a "whiner" and a "loser" because he didn't get any of the Colorado delegates fail to mention that Trump never had a chance to get any of them in the first place as an insurgent. The rigged process helps to ensure America's exploiters maintain power. The exploiter-funded media puppets are saying that what happened was perfectly fine because the committee rules enabled them to cancel their election from the outset and then give the delegates to whomever they wanted (RIP democracy). If Kasich were the current viable anti-insurgent candidate rather than Cruz, they would have given Kasich all of the Colorado delegates instead of Cruz. Despite that, Cruz is trying to convince people that it was his “superior organization” that deprived Trump and Kasich of getting even a single delegate…LOL.

I am writing to nominate the Shirley Ricketts family to receive a Thanksgiving meal. Shirley , who is a senior citizen, has been without a working stove due to financial problems. I know she would love having a Thanksgiving meal.

17 Fun Facts about East Elmhurst NY 🙂 http://snip.ly/mOPd

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