East Elmhurst

Hey Mr. Peralta now you can drive yellow cabs. Plenty of free time now crook.

How about increasing service to those lines that are already overcrowded? It's nice to invite riders to use the buses, but let's serve the riders who are already there.

During the era of massive commerical and residential development in Queens, I'm not surprised that there are an increase in service for these two particular bus routes, especially during off-peak hours. It's just the beginning.

Funding public transit is a hot button issue during the NYS election these days.

Good riddance! There are so many good, hard working undocumented people here and these few human disgraces give them all a bad name. If we are to bring others to our side, we have to stop criticizing ICE for deporting thieves, murderers, sex offenders, etc.. Dear ICE: Maybe put some focus on the filthy-looking, "off-road bike, trike, & quad" gangs that terrorize the city doing wheelies, riding thru red lights, aiming for pedestrians, east bound in west bound lanes, etc. every weekend from Springtime til Fall.

Bravo to ICE for apprehending these criminals! Maybe Mr. Tovar would be happy to put these felons up at his own house? Too bad NYPD has given up on arresting these people.

I am writing to nominate the Shirley Ricketts family to receive a Thanksgiving meal. Shirley , who is a senior citizen, has been without a working stove due to financial problems. I know she would love having a Thanksgiving meal.

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