Teen Talk: Borough teenagers need to broaden their horizons

By Kohar Bayizian

I feel so lucky to be a teenager in Queens because of all the opportunities, adventures and activities that lie at the touch of our fingertips. And not enough of us realize it.

Those who actually do recognize all the borough has to offer don’t seem to have the drive to get up and take advantage of the culture and diversity that lie around us. But I think that any teenager would be pleasantly surprised if he or she actually got a little taste of what is out there.

First, there is always the movies. And there is always something at the movies for everyone — action, romance, comedy, drama. So you are bound to find something that piques your interest. And if you soon plan on taking a trip to one of the many theaters in Queens, you can go see what all the controversy surrounding “The Passion of the Christ” is all about.

There also are foreign movie theaters or programs sponsored by special organizations, such as Flushing Town Hall, where teens can learn about different cultures or film techniques. Most are really eye-openers.

Then there are local museums, churches and clubs that have special exhibits and shows. You could go to places such as the Museum of Modern Art in Long Island City where the blockbuster Matisse/Picasso exhibit was held last year, the National Art League or the Douglaston Art Society.

There are open-mic nights at small coffee shops and bookstores. The Afrikan Poetry Theatre in Jamaica holds weekly events. Keep your eyes open for more locations in your community.

Last but certainly not least are the Broadway-type musicals and dramatic plays put on by local theater groups or church affiliations. The two great perks about going to these places are that they are close to home and you can get the satisfaction of supporting local performers and creative organizations and in turn keep culture in your community alive.

I have been to several shows at the famous Theatre in the Park in Corona, which offers a diverse selection of programs that would interest everyone in your group.

Just because teenagers are not of drinking age does not mean they should go get the older brother of one of their best friends to buy them beer from the local convenience store because they feel there is nothing else to do and call it a night.

There is so much out there that is being under-attended by people my age, partly because we are not aware of it and are too involved with less enriching activities.

All I ask is from you is to go to the calendar section of this newspaper and take a look at all the events Queens is offering, most of which I couldn’t even itemize, and go to one. I can assure you, you will be very pleasantly surprised.

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