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Teen Talk: Queens teenagers focus on summer’s cool spots

By Kohar Bayizian

Summer officially began June 21. And I must say, it got started with a bang. In my opinion, it’s the prettiest of the seasons but the weather it brings can sometimes peak at temperatures so unbearable you wish you were an Eskimo trying to keep warm in your igloo in some arctic region of the world. You wouldn’t care where, just as long as you weren’t in that kind of heat.

One of the main objectives of summer is to find interesting ways to enjoy the weather and to stay cool while you’re doing it.

One of the most popular activities in Queens during these hot summer months is traveling to beaches such as Long Beach, Jones Beach, Brighten Beach and those on the Jersey Shore.

You would actually be surprised at all the ways people in Queens can keep cool. In my opinion you should always opt for air conditioning, and we have an extensive collection of museums, movie theaters and clubs that make sure it’s nice and cool.

But the truth is that this hot, muggy heat drains people of energy, turning motivated, active people into lazy, reclusive homebodies.

What people wear also plays a key factor in keeping cool. But the problem is that most people really don’t know what is appropriate and what looks best on them.

My only advice is to be weary of how much skin you choose to expose and wear you choose to expose it. It’s a shame to see women being hassled by men with only one thing on their tiny, little minds.

If you leave your house with an outfit that you know screams attention, don’t be surprised when you actually get it, and definitely don’t act like you don’t like it and that you weren’t asking for it. Just opt for something else the next time.

My only wish for this summer is that everyone will find their own ways to keep cool. I hope everyone has a fun and exciting summer, but don’t have too much fun because you might forget about school, which will be starting up in another two months. And on that note, enjoy yourselves!

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