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Boro Murder Rate Falls Again In 04

Queens 2004 homicide rate dropped more than 25 percent faster than the rest of New York City, according to figures released this week by the NYPD.
During the last year, 115 persons were murdered in Queens compared with 122 in 2003. This continues a steady decline from a record high of 361 homicides in 1992.
"The safest big city in America keeps getting safer," Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared.
The keys to Queens improved showing were sharp drops in the 103rd precinct in Jamaica (29 to 19 murders) and minor dips throughout other Queens South sectors.
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said that his departments "Operation Impact," which sends additional cops into high homicide precincts, has helped slash Queens murder rate over the past decade.
Overall, Queens precincts showed a sharp reversal of form.
Queens Souths eight precincts featured a dramatic 21 percent plunge in homicides from 86 to 67.
Queens Norths eight precincts, however, showed a quantum 33 percent increase (from 36 to 48).
Contributing to the sharp decline were ten borough precincts that showed 33 fewer murders while another two showed no change in the number of homicides.
Four precincts (104th, 106th, 109th and 112th), showed increases, the largest of which came in the 109th precinct in Flushing (4 to 12 homicides).
The 107th in Fresh Meadows had the best record in the borough, reporting zero homicides in 2004 (down from four in 2003).
Queens Borough President Helen Marshall praised the joint efforts of the Police Department and the Queens District Attorneys office. She also stressed the effectiveness of "Operation Impact," as well as the DAs program of concentrating on repeat offenders.
Victor Ross is a freelance writer.

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