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HB Civic reports good news

The Howard Beach Civic Forum held its monthly meeting on May 27. Members discussed several issues, including an update from the 106th Precinct, Community Board 10 report, local politician’s reports, and other new business and community concerns.
President Stella DiMatteo announced the first speaker, Frank Gulluscio, Community Board 6 District Manager. Gulluscio said the Community Board participated in the “Woodhaven Boulevard study,” which overlooks the amount of traffic and congestion in that area. He said the study is “moving along rapidly because it involved the community.”
“With the onslaught of people moving in, it [traffic] will only get worse,” he added.
Gulluscio also mentioned that there will be changes to the bike paths on 156th Avenue.
Additionally, Officer John Dombrowski of the 106th Precinct attended the meeting to report on the crime rates in the Howard Beach area. He said there has been a distinct drop in home invasions on 160th Avenue during the last few weeks, which residents were concerned about in their previous meeting.
Dombrowski also reported that there will be more patrol around P.S. 207 during dismissal times due to double-parked cars. But there has not been any other new trouble with P.S. 207. In regard to the students, he also said his command post will be keeping up with park regulations and make sure that children are not in the park after 9 p.m.
Residents, along with Treasurer Lenny Safarino, raised questions about the youth’s safety in the park. Dombrowski said that his command does give leeway but will not accept anyone “hanging around” up to 10 or 11 p.m.
However, a few residents complained to Dombrowski that there have been several incidents of speeding and reckless driving around the 159th Avenue area. Complaints were made that some drivers speed at over 60 m.p.h. and nothing is being done about it. Dombrowski took note and said he will have his command on alert in the area.
Other speakers included Eric Urlich, Vice President of the Ozone Park Civic Association, who urged residents to become registered voters. The meeting ended with an announcement by DiMatteo that board elections will be held at their next monthly meeting on June 24.

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