Get fit by summer

1. Prepare your own meals
Hit the supermarket on Sunday and prepare two days worth of meals that night (i.e. Chicken and Broccoli, or egg whites and oatmeal).

2. Food Tip - Kiwi’s
It offers vitamin C and will boost your sex life. How great is that?

3. Cyclists - Boost Those Lats
A fit back will improve posture and fight cycling fatigue. Here is how to build strong Lats. One arm Dumbbell Row - Grab a Dumbbell in one hand bend forward at the hips until your torso is about 45 degrees to the floor. With your shoulders parallel to the floor row the weight up to the side of your chest, then lower the Dumbbell to starting position. Perform two sets of 8 to 12 reps on both arms. Rest 60 to 90 seconds between sets.

4. Size On - Five ways to recover from your toughest workouts
1- Fish Oil.
2- Don’t Go to Failure.
3- Post workout shake (i.e. Met-RX)
4- Cold Shower
5- Plenty of sleep.

5. Hot vs. Cold - Both can relieve muscle spasms and pain from an injury to a joint. Apply cold only for immense swelling that limits movement at the joints. Use a cold pack or ice within 48 hours. Heat once it’s clear that the injured area is not getting worse.

6. Breaking News - Fast Food to Failure. Fast food blocks protein absorption. Protein builds muscle tissue, don’t eat it.

7. Great Source of Protein - EGGS
High in amino acids (AA) - The AA in eggs are converted, into muscle, skin, and collagen. The yolk is an excellent source of lutein and zeaxanthin, carotenoids that protect you against most forms of age-related damage.

8. THAT’S ITALIAN - When eating Italian - watch out for cheesy or creamy sauces; choose dishes that are grilled or made with veggies, red sauces or a light white wine sauce, and most important, say no to bread.

9. Reverse Your Training - For every pushing move you do for your chest, you need to do a pulling one for balance with your back so just by reversing the directions you lift, you’ll get stronger and avoid injury.

10. Be Comprehensive - Your routines should always include a thorough warm up prior to any activity, then engage a variety of movements during training, and pay attention to recovery afterward.