Article on Van Wyck bridges did not provide debate on issue

By Robert Kenler, Briarwood

Your July 24 article “Officials praise new bridges on Van Wyck,” a paean to the state Department of Transportation, does a disservice to your readership, the politicians honored and the resident of the affected area.

On Nov. 13, 2005, the commencement of the roll-out, roll-in action at Jamaica Avenue, at least 40 parked cars were ticketed for illegal parking along the northbound service road without prior notification by the state and city DOT.

Thankfully, by the time of the roll-out, roll-in of the Hillside Avenue overpass, communication had been initiated between residents and the state DOT. Thus, while the agency would not accede to our demonstrable contention that existing parking regulations would have no effect on the weekend traffic patterns, residents were well-informed and no summonses were written.

Now a third project looms on the horizon, certain to be larger and more disruptive: the replacement of the Queens Boulevard overpass at Main Street. History assures us that an adequate traffic plan will be in place. Unfortunately, there is no such assurance in reference to parking, commuting or public transportation.

This is why your article has done a disservice. Instead of inviting the honorees, readership and residents to grapple with the future, your paper has provided a feel-good photo-op which, rather than invigorating discussion and action, disarms, disables and emasculates.