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Bring Change and Hope to YOUR Life

America voted overwhelmingly for change as we elected Barack Obama, President of the United States. Our country chose change and, as President-elect Barack Obama invoked repeatedly, hope.
Now that the U.S. is moving in a new direction and, with what I think is a new energy, it is a perfect time to bring change and hope to your life.
The following is a five-step plan to ignite change and hope in your life today!
Take inventory of what is not working - Look at each area of your life and ask, “What is not working?” Is it your career, your love life, friends, balance between these areas? Maybe it is a combination of aspects of several different areas of your life. Chose one area at a time and make a full commitment to creating change.
Brainstorm about what you can do to change - reach within yourself for guidance on what you can do to change what is not working. Often one has the answers but simply has not made the time to focus on the problem.
It is easy to ignore what is not working and accept less; less happiness, less success, less hope. Make a decision that your hope, your joy, your success is a priority and is worth fighting for.
Hire a Coach - Although you all have the capability to turn within and look for answers, sometimes you are too close to make the necessary changes to create the life you desire. No one has to do it alone. President-elect Barack Obama will not do it alone. He will reach out to advisors and coaches to support him and provides him a different perspectives to be able create the change he is capable of. You deserve to create the support that will allow you to be all that you too are capable of being.
Make a Plan - Now that you know what is not working, you have come up with ways to change and you may have hired a coach, now you must make a plan to ensure that change happens and becomes a lasting reality in your life.
Select small steps and celebrate each one that you take. Include enough steps to get you to the change you want to see. Make sure that you can see that change in your minds eye clearly, crystal clearly!
Invoke hope - Hope is a critical component to invoking change. Often it is a lack of hope that stifles change to begin with. So how do you invoke hope into your life? It must be a mindful, vigilant effort to invoke hope. Each day you must remind yourself of your goals and remind yourself that, as Barack Obama says, “YES WE CAN”! Notice during this election that the words “YES WE CAN” were not invoked once in a while, they were not invoked once a week or even once a day. They were invoked an infinite number of times every day, every hour. That is why it was so effective. You must do the same in your own life. You must remind yourself repeatedly “YES I CAN.”
There is no reason why you cannot see the change that you desire. This is the beginning of a new United States and it can be the beginning of the new state of your life. I believe in you.

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