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Lecturer Discusses President Obama’s First 60 Days

Lecturer Howard Shurdut returned to North Shore Towers on Monday, March 23 to talk about President Barack Obama’s first 60 days in office and the accomplishments that have come out of it.

“I think there are a lot of positive things to discuss,” Shurdut said. “I think there are a lot of things moving in the right direction.”

As he spoke to residents in the VIP Room, Shurdut discussed 25 points about Obama’s work.

“He’s done this in 60 days, which I think is unprecedented,” he said. “It shows you the amount of energy and insight and knowledge this man has.”

First of all, Shurdut said that Obama is setting a new tone on the relationship between the people and those that govern the country. He said that Obama has given several major speeches outside of Washington and wants to maintain a connection with the people.

During his first 60 days, Obama has also passed legislation and created plans to help the American people, Shurdut explained. Among them were the stimulus bill, mortgage plan, bank plan, children’s health bill, equal pay for equal work act, and new provisions for the Small Business Administration.

Obama is also making good on some of the promises he made during the course of his presidential campaign. He plans on withdrawing troops from Iraq by August of 2010 and close the Guantanamo Bay Prison.

Shurdut said that Obama is putting an end to the use of torture, while also ending the military’s Stop Loss Program and the secrecy for returning deceased members of the military.

Among many other points that Shurdut presented during his lecture, he closed by talking about more ways that Obama is keeping a dialogue with the public. This includes using the web sites www.whitehouse.gov and www.recovery.gov.

Shurtdut explained that www.whitehouse.gov enables the public to directly comment, question, criticized and get information.

To see Shurdut’s complete presentation and hear all of his points detailing Obama’s accomplishments during his first 60 days, look for it on the in-house channel.


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