Mortgages that are ready when you want to buy

Are you ready to buy?

Try Wall Street Mortgage Bankers, for honesty, prompt turnaround time and a preapproval process you can trust.

Wall Street Mortgage Bankers has been in business since 1976, with several different branches. They offer mortgages, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and conventional loans as well as commercial and jumbo loans.

Located in Queens at 181-24 Union Turnpike, the bank promises fast closings, low rates and will let you know if you qualify for a mortgage within 24 hours.

“We always go an extra step to help. We don’t waste people’s time,” said manager Ruben Gurgov.

At Wall Street Mortgage Bankers, your time is their priority. You can expect fast preapproval that’s been thoroughly researched by doing a credit check, in addition to looking at your W2s and tax returns to see if you really qualify for a loan. Your information is personally delivered to an underwriter and within 24-hours you will have your commitment letter.

While other banks are quick to pre-approve just anyone for a loan, only to deny them a month or two later after reviewing their information more in-depth, Wall Street Mortgage Bankers will let you know immediately if you qualify or not.

Gurgov warns potential buyers to be careful instead of rushing during this “buyers market” and always read the fine print on any preapproval letters. A big problem is that many realtors or banks ask for tax returns but may not know how to read them properly, which leads them to pre-approve just anyone prematurely, even when they truly don’t qualify for a loan.

Wall Street Mortgage Bankers helps customers who have lost their jobs or been laid off by helping them modify their mortgage when they can no longer afford to make regular payments.

“The economy has affected everybody. We’re still in business because we didn’t do loans that other banks did. We’ve always done one full income loans, no predator lending. That’s why people keep coming back to us,” said Gurgov.

For more information, call 718-969-7100. – Catherine M. Lozada


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