Department of Sanitation clearing the streets of trash

Despite all of the backlogged garbage, Matthew Lipani, spokesperson for the Department of Sanitation (DOS) said that they will be attacking the issue and collections should be all caught up “by the end of the week.”
Those who normally experience Tuesday garbage collections should put their trash out today. Residents can also put trees out for collection after stripping off all decorations.
The Department will not be collecting recyclables until further notice.
Commissioner John J. Doherty asks that residents clear a path for Sanitation crews to collect the garbage. If bags and pails are buried under the snow, they should be dug out so crews can have access to them.
Lipani said they are still engaged in snow clearing and hauling operations. People can call 3-1-1 for help in removing any snow or icy mounds that are still in the way from the December 26 blizzard.
Some of the snow will be hauled to snow melters throughout the city, which, according to the DOS, have the capability to melt 60 tons of snow an hour. The liquefied melted snow is drained through approved NYC sewer connections after passing through filters that catch large debris.

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