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Attacking the Unions

As a retired municipal worker, I am appalled by the constant drumbeat attacking public employees. Politicians and others are trying to blame the economic woes of states and cities on the pensions and benefits of these workers.

These same politicians don’t see anything wrong with giving billions of stimulus money to Wall Street, and extending tax cuts to the wealthy which is helping to bankrupt our economy. At the same time they want public employees to carry the burden of a failed economy by reducing pension and health benefits of the workers. This is shameful.

Unions have brought increased justice to people, in the form, for instance, of fairer wages, of vacation time, pensions and protection against arbitrary firing. And all these instances of dignity for people have cut into owners’ private profits.

To have an economy we can be proud of it must be based on ethics and good will for every person.

Barbara Kestenbaum

New York


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