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Kids must learn reading and writing

With all of the focus on the importance of technology in our schools our students need to be able to know how to read and write.
The use of computers in our classrooms has really become the dominant way for students to use their thinking process and to express themselves. A computer does not teach a student how to read or write; a teacher does. Students can very easily use their computers to complete assignments, but, ask them to express themselves through oral and written communication and it is an entirely different story.
That is why it is so critical that our education system in America must allow significant time in every classroom in every school in our country for teachers to be able to teach reading and writing skills to their students from grades K through 12.
Computers are useful as a tool in the classroom, for some instruction; they should not and must not ever take the place of the classroom teacher.

John Amato
Fresh Meadows

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