FBI arrests Bayside man for PA bank threat

Tuesday night the FBI arrested a man at his Bayside home for threatening to kill Sovereign Bank employees in Pa., said an FBI spokesperson.

According to a complaint filed by the FBI’s New York office, on August 6 Michael Chung faxed a letter to a Sovereign Bank fraud prevention officer based in Pottsville, Pa. regarding a $179,000 home equity loan he had on his 23rd Avenue house, which he was trying to sell. He was in discussions with the bank over whether or not he had to pay it back.

In the fax he also threatened the Sovereign Bank attorney he was speaking with about the loan, and wrote that he would be visiting him in the next several days. He then said that the Second Amendment authorizes him to use deadly force to protect his interests as a national citizen.

According to the FBI complaint, Chung owns a licensed shot gun.

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