Mystery remains in death of Elmont woman found near Ft. Totten

Mystery remains in death of Elmont woman found near Ft. Totten
By Phil Corso

BAYSIDE — The cause of death for the woman found floating in Little Bay was still pending investigation roughly one week after her body was discovered, the medical examiner’s office said.

Police identified the woman as a 25-year-old from Elmont, but could not yet confirm how she died.

Witnesses who were casually walking along the water discovered the woman’s body floating face down in Little Bay the morning of Aug. 7 near Fort Totten. They immediately alerted nearby city Fire Department officials, who were conducting training exercises near the water.

Police said the Fire Department’s Marine 4 unit removed the young woman’s body from the water around 10:15 a.m. and tried to revive her with CPR, with no success. Witnesses who discovered the body described the woman as made-up with manicured hands and dressed in street clothing with no signs of injury.

According to police, a car believed to belong to the woman was found parked in the lot behind Little Bay, not far from the water she was found in. The NYPD was still investigating the woman’s death and said it would be weeks until an exact cause of death could be confirmed.

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