U.S. must not go to war with Syria

All polls indicate that the vast majority of the American people oppose intervention in Syria’s civil war. If we were a true democracy, Congress would vote no on war with Syria and not be swayed by warmongers.

We Veterans for Peace — veteransforpeace.org — know wars are easy to start but hard to stop. Intervention in Syria will deepen the suffering and casualties among the Syrian people, as we learned from our overhyped interventions in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. U.S. intervention is in violation of the U.N. Charter and International Law.

Only the Syrian people can decide who should govern their nation. We need an escalation of diplomacy, not war, to stop the bloodshed and address the humanitarian crises in Syria and among refugees in neighboring countries.

Regarding Syria, Pope Francis has said that nations should “lay aside the futile pursuit of a military solution, and let there be a renewed commitment to seek, with courage and determination, a peaceful solution through dialogue and negotiation of the parties, unanimously supported by the international community.”

We, the citizens of this nation, must prevent our government from going to war with Syria in our name. Call or e-mail your U.S. representatives and U.S. senators. Tell them not to support a war with Syria and that you will not vote for anyone who supports an attack.

Let us not fall for the propaganda put out to sell this attack. Working together, we must stop it from happening.

Robert Keilbach


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