Sacred Heart’s Sports Program Celebrates 50 Years of Bob Koch

School Honors Man’s Tireless Volunteerism

The year was 1963 and many famous events occurred in the world. The most obvious was the assassination of our President, John F. Kennedy. Other less important but significant events include the New York Titans changing their name to the New York Jets, the Beatles releasing songs such asPlease Please Me” andShe Loves You” and the birth of Michael Jordan and Brad Pitt.

Bob Koch recently celebrated 50 years volunteering for Sacred Heart School’s sports program with a golf outing.

Locally, a seemingly minor event occurred within Sacred Heart School’s sports program. Bob Koch asked the Parish Athletic Director if any volunteer help was needed.

“Yes, of course, we can always use help” came the quick reply.

Fifty years later, Bob is still volunteering his time and energy to the very same sports program within the Sacred Heart community, and his presence has had a major impact on players, coaches and parents.

Over the years, Bob has coached many teams, including baseball and basketball, and seen many of his players and their children join the program.

Today, Bob can be seen in the kitchen and all over the gym. Very often, we are reminded that Bob served as a Military Policeman in the Vietnam War as he chides some of his kitchen co-workersthis writer included- to do a “little less talking and a little more work.” Those are some of the things Bob does in front of people that can be seen.

However, as those of you who volunteer know, most of the tireless act of volunteering comes behind the scenes. It’s when the gym is empty that Bob unloads cases of Gatorade, soda and food so that, on game day, folks have an opportunity to purchase refreshments and bolster the school’s sports program.

Bob also tirelessly gathers gifts during the year so when the sports program has its annual hot dog party for children who participated, everyone goes home with a gift.

Early Saturday and/or Sunday mornings, hours before the first game of the day, Bob can often be found mopping the floor so playing conditions can be optimal.

It’s tough to place a dollar value on these selfless acts, but they are so extremely important to the program’s popularity and sustainability.

Very often, the Sports Committee leans on Bob for his sage advice, as Bob provides consulting services at no charge.

“Hey Bob, what if we sell burgers; we think we can make money,” on might ask.

Bob might say “tried it in 1986; the grease ruined the stove; the smell nauseated the gym. Do it if you want.”

Seriously, Bob is often the voice of reason during more important discussions, and his years of experience have been invaluable.

Many folks reading this will salute Bob for his coordinating floor hockey games in the gym; others might say WIFFLE ball games; others remember Bob organizing stickball games for coaches. The point is, when it has come to a Sacred Heart sporting events, Bob Koch has been involved in some manner.

Sacred Heart salutes Bob Koch on 50 years of exceptional service and commitment to the Sports Program and thousands of players pause for a moment, tip their caps and say “Thank-you Mr. Koch.”