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Bikers need to show respect

Bikers are getting everything for free. Nothing costs them 1 cent, whereas motorists must pay for a driver’s license, auto insurance, vehicle registration, gasoline taxes, etc., plus bridge and tunnel tolls and parking.

Motorists’ fees paid for paving over those cobblestone streets in Queens. On the other hand, bikers do not need bike insurance, plates or registration; pay no taxes; get free parking, no meters, no alternate parking and free sidewalk parking stations, sheds and posts.

They also get free bike lanes, street signs, special lanes and free lane repairs. They have paid nothing for these privileges.

Yet pedestrians fear bikes more than they do cars. Bikers break all traffic laws with insouciance and impunity.

Just last weekend I was at Queens Boulevard at 39th Street with the light. All cars stopped, but a bike came flying down the boulevard through the red light. I slammed on my brakes, stalling the car and just missing the biker.

The same thing the next day, at 43rd Avenue and 39th Street, with a biker in an exclusive bike lane going through a red light.

My challenge: Ride with me for 10 blocks on Roosevelt, Skillman and Greenpoint avenues. Obey all the lights, but within one hour we would hit five bikes and 10 jaywalking pedestrians.

As for public transportation, bikers are opportunistic parasites. They pay no daily fare to support long-term public transportation costs, but on bad weather days they overload public transportation, causing delays and inconveniencing the suffering regular riders.

Bikes are not a true transportation alternative. To be a true transportation alternative, bikes must be used for all commuting, not just when selfishly convenient.

Bikers must pay their fair share. Right now, bikers are a selfish alternative. It is time for a motorist revolution. Where are you, American Automobile Association?

Al Volpe


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