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Punishment must fit the crime

By Joseph N.Manago

Interestingly, the Democratic versus Republican fence in the City Council has been torn down with the recent joint proposal of Councilmen Lancman (D) and Ulrich (R) for more diversion routes (in lieu of punishment) in “veterans courts” for veteran criminals in lockstep with Mayor de Blasio’s task force on behavioral health and the criminal justice system, whose recommendations are premised upon the false conclusion that the social environment-mental disorder complex determines sociopathic behavior and criminal acts.

Although environmental factors may influence a person’s personality and mental health status (in addition to genetic factors), they certainly do not determine a person’s decisions and actions, which are freely motivated by the human will.

In Messrs. Lancman and Ulrich’s misguided efforts to streamline the criminal justice system, their Get Out of Jail Free modus operandi, even in cases of non-violent crimes, is actually unjust towards the victims of the crimes, targeted by miscreants who, in the absence of criminal insanity, choose to perpetrate their crimes. Further, the factor of deterrence of crimes due to the threat of punishment (fines and/or incarceration) is eliminated. The “reform” policies of these carbon-copy liberals shall actually result in an expansion of criminals in every community and increased recidivism.

Presently, the plea bargain routes in the state Supreme Court for pre- or post-trial remand to rehabilitation (the ubiquitous “rehab”) are just a concession to the excuse of environmental determinism, and a failure perpetuating a lifetime of substance abuse and associated crimes.

The public, as well, needs to be protected from criminal predators, no matter how venial or mortal their crimes may be, none of which are victimless. There remains a requirement in any just society towards retributive justice (for the victim and the criminal) and social order. The more these liberals in the City Council “reform” the criminal justice system, decriminalize crimes, and tie the hands of the NYPD, the more we shall see rampant criminality and anarchy in New York City. Then you can thank Mayor de Blasio, Council Speaker Mark-Viverito, Public Advocate James and all the other leftist loons in the New York City Council for their “progressive” myopia.

Joseph N. Manago


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