Six-year-old ‘pint-sized hero’ calls 911 after mother falls: NYPD

Photo courtesy of the NYPD

A Queens little girl is the pride of her family after a heroic episode early Monday morning in the 112th Precinct, according to NYPD.

Six-year-old Sarah Mentouzi rushed to dial 911 after discovering her mother on the floor of their bathroom after falling down and hitting her head.

With her father working an overnight shift at his job, the little girl was alone in the house with the woman. According to authorities, Sarah remained calm on the phone with the 911 operator and explained the situation.

Officers from the 112th Precinct responded to the call and were able to give first aid to Mentouzi’s mother until EMS arrived on the scene. The 6-year-old waited in her home with the officers while the woman was transported to a local hospital, where she is expected to make a full recovery.

The NYPD declared Sarah a “pint-sized hero” in its report on NYPDnews.com, and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton congratulated Sarah in a Tweet.

“Great job calling 911 Sarah!” Bratton said. “Perhaps a future member of the NYPD.”

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