Ridgewood-based Albanian artist to exhibit work in NYC

"Nude in Red"

One artist from Ridgewood is having her artwork displayed at Chelsea’s Agora Gallery’s “Emerging Visions: An Exhibition of Dimensions and Truths.”

Tiziana Fejzullaj will have seven of her pieces on display in the “Emerging Visions” exhibit, which opened at the Agora Gallery on Dec. 29, and will have its opening reception on Jan. 7. The exhibition will run until Jan. 14.

Fejzullaj is a native of Albania and developed her love of art at a young age in her home country. As a young girl, her talent for drawing was noticed by teachers. Her parents quickly enrolled her in art school, where her talent evolved into her passion.

In October 2014, Fejzullaj brought her passion for the arts to Queens when she moved to the “World’s Borough” with her husband.

Fejzullaj currently helps children and students tap into their creative potential in Glendale.

“At the moment, I work as an art teacher at St. Pancras School in Glendale. I love being an art teacher and helping children with their artistic skills and teach them how to paint,” Fejzullaj said. “I also work as an art teacher at Touch of Beauty Central Atelier in Glendale. I teach there two nights a week and have had several paint night experiences with adults.”

Albania has a unique culture from that of other European countries, Fejzullaj explained. The art from Albania has been labeled “socialist realism” for its emphasis on portraying real people and situations, which has influenced her own artistic style.

“Deriving from this, I have developed my own technique in developing the human figure as a subject. Within my current work practice I have been greatly influenced by figurative artists,” Fejzullaj said. “But most often, I am captivated by artwork and artists that make use of unique, non-traditional approaches to color. These influences evidently have helped me with my own work as I have been looking into body image and how people’s opinions have a major impact on others own personal ideas about themselves.”

In her paintings, Fejzullaj focuses primarily on the mysterious nature of the human figure.

For her display at the Agora Gallery, Fejzullaj works in oils and acrylics on canvas, creating images of both women and men in which her bold take on color, texture and composition turns that mystery into something thought-provoking. Fejzullaj does not use faces to give her subjects a distinctive mood and personality; rather, her subjects’ stories are told through body positioning, lines and backgrounds that range from dense patterns of drips and energetic brushstrokes to fields of solid color.

The “Emerging Visions” exhibit will feature artists from across the globe who draw from their own life experiences and cultural influences to create a diverse display of aesthetic adventures.

“I consider each one of my exhibitions, be it a group or solo show, has been a unique experience for me and I have enjoyed them all,” Fejzullaj said. “Winning awards for my artwork, attracting attention, finding a market and selling it have all been gratifying experiences. But displaying my artwork at the Agora Gallery, I have to say, it has been an exciting and very unique experience. I am excited and can’t wait until the open date of the exhibition [on Jan. 7].”

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