Auction of Donald Trump’s childhood home in Jamaica Estates delayed as bidders line up

Donald Trump’s Childhood Home To Be Sold By Auction In October
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Plans to auction off the former Queens home of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump have been postponed for the time being.

Bidding was originally supposed to take place on Wednesday, Oct. 19, which coincided with the final presidential debate between Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.


According to ABC News, Paramount Realty USA had arranged for the auction to take place on Oct. 19 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, but because of all of the buzz around the auction, they are looking to reschedule for sometime after the election.

“Because the auction was getting so much press coverage a lot of bidders were contacting the firm to ask for more time to look at the property,” said Stina Dakers, a spokeswoman for Paramount, which coordinated the auction along with listing broker Leffey Real Estate.

The Jamaica Estates home was built in 1940 by Donald Trump’s father, Fred. The Trump family lived in this house until Donald was 4 years old; they then moved to another house in the same neighborhood.

The house is a beautiful two-story Tudor with a brick-and-stucco exterior that features five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, an enclosed porch in the backyard and a detached, two-car garage.

Over the summer, the house was listed at $1.6 million and was later reduced to $1.39 million. While the home had some offers put in on it, the owners decided to auction it off and let buyers tell them what the house is worth.

“It’s a perfect house but now it’s a little too big for me,” homeowner Isaac Kestenberg told Crain’s; he has lived in the house for eight years. “It’s a beautiful neighborhood, nice, quiet, no crime, very manicured. It’s like living upstate but being in the city.”

Those who are interested in bidding on Trump’s house must arrive with a bank or certified check in the amount of $90,000 and will have to purchase due diligence information on the house, including the property’s survey and title report. The auction bids will be starting at $849,000.