Justin Timberlake was spotted again filming an upcoming Woody Allen flick in Woodhaven

Photos courtesy of Robert Stridiron/RHS Breaking News Services

Hollywood star Justin Timberlake was spotted again in Queens on Thursday filming for an upcoming Woody Allen project, this time in Woodhaven.

Timberlake was seen filming scenes with actress Juno Temple, best known for her lead role in the HBO series “Vinyl.” Actors Steve Schirripa and Tony Sirico, best known for their roles as Bobby Baccalieri and Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri on the hit HBO series “The Sopranos,” were also seen on the set of the film.


Not much is known about this upcoming Woody Allen flick, but we do know that he is bringing some of Hollywood’s biggest stars along with him to Queens. Earlier this week, Timberlake was seen shooting scenes for the movie with actress Kate Winslet in Richmond Hill.

Check out the gallery below to get a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Woody Allen project: