Weekend storm exposes continued flaws in the city’s snow plow tracker app: Lancman

Photo: Screenshots via Twitter/@RoryLancman

They built it, but they still didn’t come.

Councilman Rory Lancman is calling on New York City to examine its PlowNYC snow plow tracking app after reports that many streets weren’t plowed during Saturday’s snowfall — even though the app claimed those same streets had been cleared.

PlowNYC is an app that allows New York City residents to track plow vehicles and confirm snow designation throughout the city. However, this is not the first time that the app has come under fire. Last year, Lancman called out Mayor Bill de Blasio during last year’s snow storm in January when the PlowNYC inaccurately reported that roads in Queens had been plowed when they were still under thick layers of snow.

It appears that this year is no different.

“This is the second year in a row that PlowNYC is calling streets plowed which aren’t, leaving my constituents frustrated at a lack of accurate information and concerned that their streets are being ignored based on PlowNYC’s faulty data,” Lancman said. “If PlowNYC can’t get it right after a minor snowfall, what will happen when we have a real storm?”

Lancman tweeted videos over the weekend showing roads that had been reported as plowed on the app, but looking at the roads they clearly haven’t been touched.





He also tweeted a screenshot on the map on PlowNYC that reported that the roads he drove down had been plowed.


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