These bright Queens students earned big scholarships from a Maspeth school

MLS Scholarship winners
Photo courtesy of Martin Luther School

Martin Luther School (MLS) in Maspeth is helping some really smart students from schools across the borough pay for their tuition through several academic scholarships.

In all, 19 students were recently awarded Academic Excellence Scholarships, and one student earned the Jill Rudzewick Memorial Scholarship, for being the top scorers on last November’s Academic Excellence Scholarship Exam.

The awards were given based on their performance on the Test of Achievement Proficiency, which tests a student’s reading comprehension and math skills. The amount of each scholarship is based the student’s ranking, determined by their composite score.

The top-scoring students were awarded a full-tuition scholarship; students with the next highest scores earned half-tuition scholarships; while $2,500 per year and $1,500 per year grants were awarded to the next highest scorers.

This year, the Jill Rudzewick Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Veronica Constantinides from St. Stanislaus Kostka School in Maspeth.

MLS created this half-tuition award in celebration of the life and service of Rudzewick and her family, to the community and the St. Stanislaus Catholic Church, which is their home parish.

The full list of winners are as follows:

  • James Depuy of I.S. 73 in Maspeth, earned a full scholarship;
  • Jaden Lugo of MLS, earned a full scholarship;
  • Brynn Lecakes of MLS, was awarded a three-quarters scholarship;
  • Angelica Katcher of St. Stanislaus School in Maspeth, earned a half scholarship;
  • Matthew Manno of St. Pancras in Glendale, got a half scholarship;
  • James Alberti of I.S. 208 in Jamaica, won a partial scholarship;
  • Sara Alberti of P.S. 208 in Jamaica, won a partial scholarship;
  • Ava Geremia of P.S. 153 in Maspeth, won a partial scholarship;
  • Tayphath Thyagaraj of Redeemer Lutheran in Glendale, earned a partial scholarship;
  • Carlos Martinez of I.S. 73, received a partial scholarship;
  • Gianna Chan of the Notre Dame Catholic Academy in Ridgewood, got a partial scholarship;
  • Jonathan Rodriguez of Our Lady of Hope in Middle Village, earned a partial scholarship;
  • Matthew Costanza of P.S./I.S. 49 in Middle Village, won a partial scholarship;
  • Christopher Gorcos of OLQM Catholic Academy in Forest Hills, got a partial scholarship;
  • Michael Guarneri of Our Lady of Hope, earned a partial scholarship;
  • Eileen Maguire of St. Stanislaus School, earned a partial scholarship;
  • Emma Bogdan of Our Lady of Hope, was awarded a partial scholarship; and
  • Alex Bogdan of Our Lady of Hope, received a partial scholarship.

The results of the exam were announced during the MLS’s Scholarship & Acceptance Dinner last month. The Academic Excellence Scholarships that each student received are renewable every year, as long as the student maintains an average of 85.