Another five men arrested this weekend at Ridgewood’s hot bed for prostitution

Cops arrested five men at Ridgewood's well-known prostitution spot at the corner of Cypress Avenue and Starr Street.
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Cops from the 104th Precinct picked up five more men at Ridgewood’s known prostitution hot spot at the corner of Cypress Avenue and Starr Street last weekend.

According to the police, Aleinkov Flores, 27, from Queens; Xavier Rea, 40, of Queens; Thomas Urgiles, 21, of Queens; Luis Hermel, 45, from Queens; and Fernando Ferrari, 56, from Long Island were each arrested and charged with third-degree patronizing a prostitute on the night of Friday, May 19.

The arrests spanned the evening between 8 and 10 p.m. that evening, police said.

Officers from the 104th Precinct are aware of the prostitution problem at the Ridgewood corner, and have been cracking down on “johns” trying to get their jollies. In the past, the precinct has established sting operations at the corner where undercover officers posed as prostitutes to try and catch these “johns” attempting to pay for sex.

In 2016, police arrested over 40 individuals for allegedly patronizing a prostitute at the corner.

File photo/QNS
File photo/QNS


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