Who is this woman? I have been searching for my daughter for 4 years and she lives in Queens. She is 30 years old. She is suicidal.

And now we have an unreliable B54 bus to deal with.

She was unaware that she had hit anybody???? Really???

After a couple of years of major citywide advocacy by one organization and several years of policy by another organization, Fair Fares becomes a reality. I'm so proud.

And now people don't shop on Myrtle Ave anymore because there are only few stores worth buying there. The rest are 99 cent stores in every blocks. Thanks to restricting the building heights and no parking in the area. This neighborhood will not grow. There will be just same people in the neighborhood walking around. No one else from different neighborhoods come to shop here.

The L train shutdown could be the biggest challenge they will ever be undertaking since it's inception in 1968.

What is she talking about. The building is not vacant. They don't have any unit for rent. Land is not cheap in NY and you can't afford it then move to other states.

Both the city and the state should pay half and half of the fast forward plan, since the city owns the streets and the subway while the state operates the subways and the buses. Both congestion pricing and a Millionaire's Tax are a permanent ways to go for the reliable sources of funding for the next decade and beyond.

wawa, cry me a river. Move somewhere else then

One of the most rarest things that the MTA has ever done in the 50 years they are existed.

Not all critical projects are over budget to say the least for the MTA.

Another reason why we should have camera in every corners like in England. It's easy to track where he went

Everything MTA does is over budget. Let's see if there is a signal problem

Step one: Create a surcharge on all for-hire, taxis and livery cabs in and out of Manhattan south of 96th street; Step two, partially fund the MTA and give money to each outerborough for better bus service.

Of course Ridgewood will have the same immediate impacts during the L train shutdown as their neighboring Bushwick.

Why don't they fine the minor for seducing the teacher instead of punishing only the adult even though it's consensual. They both should be punished

They look like they belong to the LTK gang with red symbol

Just put those gangsta in jail. Some of the gang members hang out in front of 1673 or 1675 palmetto Street.

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