Trump regressive on climate, foreign affairs

By Benjamin M. Haber

The United States, with its love of big cars and blasting air conditioners, has contributed more than most other countries to atmospheric carbon dioxide that is scorching the planet. Despite that, and the overwhelming majority of the scientific community that believes in humanity’s connection with climate change, along with the many CEOs of large corporations who supported the Paris agreement, Donald Trump — presumably on the basis of the advice of his loyal aides who share his ignorance — has chosen to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement.

Were that not enough to recognize his incompetence to serve as president, Trump is also considering reinstating limits on travel and commerce with Cuba, citing human rights abuses.

One of the foremost countries where democracy and human rights do not exist is Saudi Arabia, a country that Trump had no trouble visiting, supporting and extolling.

Donald Trump President? BAH HUMBUG!

Benjamin M. Haber


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