City report finds that Long Island City has the largest proportion of dogs per capita

Photo via EDC

The Economic Development Corporation took a deep dive into dog ownership across the five boroughs and found that Long Island City has the highest proportion of furry friends per capita.

According to the report, the ZIP code 11109, which consists of about five apartment tower-lined blocks along the Long Island City waterfront, made the top of the list. The study analyzed the number of licensed dogs, 85,085, in the city. Every dog is required to be licensed by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), although about 80 percent of dogs in the city are not.

The most recent registry from the DOHMH includes licenses issued between September 2014 and February 2017

There are 180 dogs and 4,702 people living in ZIP code 11109, which translates to one dog for every 26 people. The remaining ZIP codes with the highest number of dogs per capita are on the west side of Manhattan.


The report also found that nine of the neighborhoods with the most dogs per capita are also among the 19 neighborhoods with the highest median incomes in New York City. Long Island City has the third highest median income – $91,745, according to the 2015 Census Bureau.


In total, there are 17,455 licensed dogs, 520 veterinarians and 23 pet stores in Queens. The city estimates that there are approximately 425,00 dogs – both licensed and unlicensed – in the city.


The study also analyzed the most popular dog names in the city. For female dogs, they include Bella, Coco, Lola, Lucy and Daisy. For male dogs, the most popular names are Max, Charlie, Buddy, Cooper and Jack.

Not surprisingly, the most popular breeds in the city are small dogs including Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas and Malteses. Labrador Retrievers are the fifth most popular breed in the city.

New York City has 85,085 licensed dogs of which 54 percent are male, 83 percent are spayed or neutered and 83 percent are vaccinated for rabies.

Are you interested in licensing your dog? Find out how to do so here.

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