Flushing City Council candidate launches photo series highlighting quality-of-life concerns

Alison Tan photo campaign
Photo via Twitter/@alison4nyc

A challenger for the City Council seat representing downtown Flushing is telling residents in a hashtag, #WeDeserveBetter.

District 20 Democratic candidate Alison Tan has launched a photo series on social media to “highlight the declining quality of life” in the neighborhood, according to a release. Images of declining garbage and local park conditions are slated to be published on the candidate’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

On Aug. 30, Tan posted two photos of accumulated garbage bags in areas of Union, Kissena and Bowne Streets — the first of the series. All future photos will be published with the hashtag #WeDeserveBetter and will be crowdsourced.

The candidate is accepting photo submissions via email at info [at] alison4ny.com.

“I started this campaign for City Council because I didn’t want to be a bystander while my community’s quality of life continued to decline,” Tan said. “Unlike my political opponent, whose stake in the community is his chain stores and real estate company, my stake in the community are my kids who have to endure the declining quality of life in Flushing everyday. The goal of the ‘We Deserve Better’ series is to highlight some of the shared frustrations among other working parents in the district who just want a better district for their families.”

In response, a representative for Koo’s campaign alleged that Tan used stock photo images in certain distributed campaign flyers.

“If our opponent had spent even half the time working for the community that Council Member Koo has, she would know of all the hard-fought progress made in improving quality of life,” the spokesperson continued. “Instead, she has spent her career making millions off the luxury real estate boom at the expense of working families. A few stock photos and shots of trash day will not give Allison Tan the public service record she sorely lacks, and the voters will see right through this ploy.”

The primary election will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

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